Built-In Wardrobe Designs

There are a variety of built-in wardrobe designs out there and finding the right one for you can be daunting. How wide, tall or deep should it be? Where in my room should it go? What style doors should it be? Glass or wood finish?

Ultimately, you want to choose a design that suits your taste is décor, your storage needs and that helps you make the most of your space.

With so much choice, how do you choose the right fitted wardrobe? We’ve laid out some key ideas to keep in mind when you’re searching for how to buy sliding wardrobe doors.

Making it fit

The shape and size of your built-in wardrobe will depend heavily on the space available in your room. Alcoves, for example, lend themselves particularly well to fitted wardrobes and are a great way to utilise awkward spaces.

If you don’t have pre-existing alcoves, you might want to consider a fitted wardrobe which is wall-to-wall. This built-in wardrobe design is great because it doesn’t interrupt the floorplan of your room and can be finished to give the illusion of another wall.

Another popular wardrobe design is to create a walk-in wardrobe in your room. You don’t need as much space as you might think and, if your room is long and narrow, it can be a great use of space. All you need is a minimum depth of 3 and you can use our flexible wardrobe interiors and sliding doors to create your perfect storage space.

Find your style

When choosing the style of your built-in wardrobe, consider:

• The style of décor in your room
• Your personal tastes
• What would enhance the space

Mirrored sliding doors, for example, work well in smaller rooms to open up the space and help reflect light. Whereas solid wood panelled sliding doors would better suit more classic, country style décor.

We also offer a number of coloured glass and wood finished wardrobe doors, allowing you to find a colour that best complements your room and helps your wardrobes blend in. Or, opt instead to make your wardrobe stand out. With our online design tool, you can create custom multi-pane wardrobe doors for a contemporary look.

Explore our built-in wardrobe designs

Browse our full range of built-in wardrobe designs or see our gallery for more inspiration. You can even order samples of the materials and finishes, to make sure you’re getting the right product for your home.

For more information on colour choices and design ideas, read our 'how to design your own wardrobe' FAQ.

Get in touch with us for more help and advice choosing the right design or for fitting queries you might have.