FIRA is the worldwide Furniture Industry Research Association, which creates and monitors all quality standards and initiates the British Standards which the Furniture Industry adheres to.

We send systems down to their testing facility in Stevenage where they install the system on a test bed that imitates the repetitive use of our sliding doors - quite literally tens of thousands of non stop openings and closings! The machine is switched on and left to run for 24 hours or more to simulate more than 10 years of use.

In order to gain our pass certificate, the system has to come through the test as good as new. We do not know of any other sliding wardrobe door company that has offered their systems for this rigorous test.

This is why we choose to design and manufacture our own frame profiles, rather than risk buying in one of the many systems sold in the UK and abroad. Ask our competitors if they can show evidence of design and manufacture of parent profile.

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Preparing and Measuring

Use our helpful guide to make sure your wardrobe doors fit your space perfectly.


Our step-by-step installation guides are available to download.

Order Samples

Are you trying to decide on the perfect finish for your sliding wardrobe doors? No problem – we can send you up to 8 samples for just £12, which will be reimbursed when you order.

Our Guarantee

Products are guaranteed for 10 years against faulty materials or workmanship subject to Specification of Goods.