Walk-In Wardrobe Designs

Why get a walk-in wardrobe?

At ScrewfixWardrobes, our walk-in wardrobe designs cater for everyone from fashion fanatics to collectors. Walk-in wardrobes give any room a decadent feel, with a 360-degree view of your possessions. Giving all your items a visible storage place helps you find what you need and be inspired.

How much space do I need?

There are plenty of walk-in wardrobe design that are flexible enough for any space. All you need is at least 1.4m in depth to fit the interior solutions such as shelves and fitted. You can then design your wardrobe to be any width you require.

How do I prepare to install a walk-in wardrobe?

For most spaces, you shouldn’t need to do too much DIY preparation. It’s all about considering your unique space and storage needs. Long, narrow rooms can easily accommodate walk-in wardrobe designs with wall-to-wall sliding doors.

However, if your space is very wide or oddly shaped, you may be better off looking for nooks and coves you could utilise, or think about putting up a partition wall to create the perfect space.

How do I find walk-in wardrobe designs to suit my home?

Finding walk-in wardrobe designs that suit your budget, style and space requires some research. Look at a range of options and examples to figure out:

• How much space you have and how you can make the most of it

• The style of wardrobe door best suited to your home decor

• What type of wardrobe interiors suit your storage needs

We recommend using our ‘design your own’ wardrobe tool to help you get an idea of the type of materials and styles available. Our free online tool lets you browse our entire range of wood and glass materials, in various colours and finishes. For general information on colour choices and layout, try our 'how to design your own wardrobe' FAQ.

If you're looking for the specific steps to take when customising your wardrobe, then you'll find those in our 'sliding wardrobe designs' FAQ

How can I customise my walk-in wardrobe design?

Once you’ve thought about your space, the size of your walk-in wardrobe and the type of panels you’d like, you can have a look at wardrobe interior units. For the best results, you should look to install modular wardrobe interiors on one to three of a walk-in wardrobe’s four walls, depending on the size and shape.

Explore our built-in wardrobe designs

See our range of walk-in wardrobe fittings and get some inspiration from our gallery. You can also order samples of all the materials and finishes we offer. If you're looking for information on installation, you'll find our wardrobe-building guide here.

Get in touch with us for more help and advice when it comes to how to buy sliding wardrobe doors. We’re happy to answer any design queries you might have.