Quality fitted wardrobes

What to consider when investing in a wardrobe for the long term

Investing in a quality fitted wardrobe is a very different purchase to a standard, non-fitted wardrobe. With our luxury fitted wardrobes, you’re getting a high-quality, fully-customisable product.

The extra investment involved in a bespoke, built-in wardrobe consists of individual elements that take the lifespan, functionality and build quality further than that of an average wardrobe. With the added extra of sliding wardrobe doors and made-to-measure sizes, it’s easy to see the extra you’re getting with a quality fitted wardrobe, but it also means you’ll have much more to think about in order to get the most out of it.

Consider how your luxury fitted wardrobe will fit into your room

Made-to-measure, custom designed and ready-to-fit into your space, our luxury fitted wardrobes can be configured to the measurements you define. Using our configure your wardrobe tool, you can set the custom measurements of your fitted wardrobe.

You’ll have to consider the space you’re planning to install your wardrobe, and how it fits in with the rest of the room. Measuring up means initially gauging how even your floor and ceiling are. Without certainty that they are level, or flagging up any areas that are running out, your doors may roll and therefore require you to level up the floor initially. Have you got a high ceiling? With our wardrobes, you can always also consider adding in a height reducer if the height is above 2480mm.

Although this may seem like a lot of extra detail to consider, and may affect how long it takes to get your fitted wardrobe just right, these are the very details that allow your wardrobe to look amazing, unique and high quality when compared to a mass-produced piece of bedroom furniture.

All of this is covered in our detailed preparing and measuring guide, which is a great starting point when preparing to measure up for your new fitted wardrobe.

Take time to think about the style of your quality fitted wardrobe - after all, the choice is yours

The same applies to the visual design and style of your wardrobe. Unlike store-bought wardrobes, our luxury fitted wardrobes can be customised aesthetically as well as physically.

By choosing colours, finishes and even extra features, such as mirrors, the way your finished wardrobe looks can be individualised to suit your style. From natural wood tones, through to blocks of bold colour, how you style your wardrobe is completely your choice when you buy from us.

A good tip is to choose a look that will complement your room when other styles come and go. All of our colour choices at ScrewfixWardrobes are crafted with longevity in mind, and can be matched to a wide and varied range of colour schemes and home decors. When you combine this with the added ability to customise the size of your wardrobe, you can quickly end up with a product that is entirely yours.

Sliding wardrobes doors on your luxury fitted wardrobe will create space in your room

Another thing to consider, and one of the biggest benefits of our bespoke wardrobes is the ultra-luxurious sliding doors that come with them.

Creating more space by their very nature, sliding wardrobe doors open up without taking up more space in your room. They also add a touch of timeless class to any environment. Getting your sliding wardrobes just right is key to allowing your fitted wardrobe to compliment your room perfectly.

So how do you choose a set of sliding wardrobe doors? From classic, to minimalist and our Shaker style, which set of sliding doors you choose depends completely on your personal style.

As you can see, there are many different elements that make a bespoke fitted wardrobe very different to a shop-bought, mass-manufactured piece of furniture. Our wardrobes are very much a long-term investment that will compliment your room as well as deliver a high-quality, space-saving storage solution.

Want to find out more about our luxury fitted wardrobes? If there’s a question that you can’t find the answer to, give us a call on 0800 048 2370