Large wardrobe sliding doors are a desirable feature of fitted wardrobes today. The increased storage and access that comes with a  wardrobe can be a key asset to any bedroom. With more space for all your belongings and extra clutter, the physical attributes and capabilities of a wardrobe are as important, if not more important than the aesthetic look and design of it.

Which brings us to the crucial question: where can I find large wardrobe sliding doors?

At Screwfix Wardrobes, our custom-designed fitted wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes, and so it’s possible to create your own perfect wardrobe. Read on to find out how we cater for those looking for large wardrobe sliding doors and more space.

Custom-built sliding doors for your needs

With our purpose-built, design your own wardrobe tool, you can customise every little detail of your fitted wardrobe as far as space goes, from the dimensions (in order to ensure your doors are tall and wide enough), right through to the type of interior fitting.

This isn’t to say that we don’t allow complete customisation of other, non-storage aspect either. In fact, we let you take control of the range choice, doors, frames, door panels, liners, end panels and more. At the end of the buying process, your fitted wardrobe is truly your own and is completely unique to you.

Wardrobe interiors that maximise space

Large sliding wardrobe doors are fantastic for storage, but they’re only as good as the interior units that sit behind them. After all, the interiors are where you’re going to ultimately store all of your clothes, shoes and other accessories.

At Screwfix Wardrobes, our premium-built wardrobe interiors include everything from simple tower units with hanger bars, to complex and all-inclusive units, such as the Aura Storage Kit 8, with its combination of five stanchions, four extendable hanger bars, a large shelf and an assortment of other different shelves and drawer boxes.

As you can see, you really can take the customisation as far as you like, and if you’re looking for a set of large wardrobe sliding doors, then investing in an equally spacious and capable internal storage system makes sense.

Browse our full range of internal wardrobe storage systems.

Quality materials that make the most of your fitted wardrobe, no matter the size

Manufactured in the UK to high standards, our sliding wardrobes are constructed using premium, home-grown materials to guarantee our customers the best quality product. Beyond this, all of our products are home delivered to the room of your choice.

Interested in creating your own custom fitted wardrobe? Speak to one of our experts today, we’re always happy to help and advise where we can.