Three tips for buying bespoke wardrobes

When searching the market for a bespoke wardrobe or fitted wardrobe, it can be easy to get caught up in the vast sea of offers, new colours and trends. Underneath all of the noise in the marketplace, how are you supposed to know where the real value and quality is?

Whilst the design and aesthetic attributes of a fitted bespoke wardrobe are equally as important – just take a look through the different styles, colours and finishes we offer on our sliding doors – we are firm believers in the practicality and functional aspects of what makes a quality piece of bedroom furniture.

To help you find the right product, here are our three tips for buying bespoke wardrobes.

Take into account what you’re going to store in your bespoke wardrobe

Arguably, the main reason you’re going to invest in a new wardrobe is to store your belongings, so what sort of items it can fit in, how much of them will fit in and the way in which it lends itself to storage are all going to be important factors to consider.

At Screwfix Wardrobes, our wardrobe interior storage systems consist of shelving, drawers, shoe racks and hanger bars. Depending on what you own, you can choose whether your wardrobe system leans towards either of the aforementioned storage compartment systems. Many of our interior systems for bespoke wardrobes contain a combination of two or more different storage types, such as this tower unit with three drawers and a hanger bar, or our Aura Storage Kit 10, which comes equipped with an array of hanger bars , drawers, shelves and shoe racks.

The choice is yours and, even though you don’t see what’s on the inside as much when it’s hidden away, getting the right storage for your wardrobe can make a break it in terms of longevity and usability.

Think about the look of your bespoke wardrobe, after all, it’s what you’ll always see

Naturally, we’re attracted to furniture that we like the look of, and it’s easy to look at the latest trends online, or in showrooms, and fall head-over-heels with the latest look. However, what we offer at Screwfix Wardrobes, is a collection of timeless, classic designs that evoke a sense of modernity as well as remaining subtle and versatile.

This ensures that you get a look that feels on-trend, without being too ‘of the moment’ that it will date when the season ends. Choosing timeless styles is important when investing in a bespoke wardrobe, as you’re buying an item that is built to outlast trends and remain durable in the face of the different fleeting style changes and ‘makeovers’ your bedroom may experience throughout the years. Our wardrobes are built-to-last, and we have a range of timeless, modern styles to choose from.

Make sure your bespoke wardrobe, is in fact bespoke

The word ‘bespoke’ is easily overused across many industries. To have a truly bespoke product, in today’s market, should mean true customisation, flexibility and an end result that is chosen by the customer and crafted to their needs.

Our wardrobes can be created your way, thanks to our wardrobe configuration tool,  which gives customers the opportunity to custom-modify the width and height of your wardrobe, as well as specify the range, number of doors, finishes, interior and more extra details that result in your wardrobe being unique to your personal needs and requirements.

Looking for a truly bespoke wardrobe? Create yours here today.