Design your own wardrobe

Designing your own wardrobe is the perfect opportunity to add a bit of personality and style to an important part of your bedroom. Whether you’re investing in a new set of sliding wardrobe doors, upgrading your storage interior or turning an unused room into a walk-in wardrobe, this FAQ will answer the common questions you may face when designing your own wardrobe.

How do I choose the right colour wardrobe?

Before you get down to the nitty gritty of measuring up and thinking practically, you probably have some colour preferences and material finish ideas. If you find you’re stuck between the choice of two, three or more finishes, why not order some of our samples?

You’ll find our door finish samples here. You can order up to 8 samples, and you’ll receive an email with a discount code allowing you to redeem your £12 charge.

What type of wardrobe storage do I need?

The look and feel of a wardrobe is one thing, but the practicality of it is another. Once you have chosen the right material finish and colour scheme to fit your room, it’s time to decide on the internal storage.

How you design the interior of your wardrobe will vary depending on a few factors, such as your lifestyle and wardrobe size. If you collect a lot of shoes, clothes and accessories, then you may find that a tower unit with shelves helps to keep your items separated and organised. If you’ll be predominately keeping clothes in your wardrobe, and you’d prefer to see your items easily, then a more open-style, hanging wardrobe interior such as the Aura Storage Kit may be a better match. At the end of the day, what matters is your personal needs and preference.

How to design your own walk-in wardrobe

Walk-in wardrobes are increasing in popularity each year, with new styles suitable for homes and rooms of all shapes and sizes. When faced with designing your own walk-in wardrobe, it can feel like a huge undertaking and a gigantic challenge. There’s so much potential and you want to get it just right.

When broken down into manageable chunks, designing a walk-in wardrobe is not much different to designing a wardrobe. It’s simply bigger.

Using the steps outlined above, pick an area to focus on when thinking about your walk-in wardrobe. Whether it’s colour, style or storage, then break it down and take it from there. For a more detailed breakdown of the steps to take when designing a wardrobe, read our sliding wardrobe designs FAQ.

If you have more specific questions around walk-in wardrobes, we have FAQ sections dedicated to walk-in wardrobe designs and fittings.

What about wardrobe measuring and installation?

Measuring and installing can seem like a daunting task. However, here at ScrewfixWardrobes, we make sure that our products are straightforward and easy to fit for the keen DIYer. Learn how to install our wardrobes yourself.

We have an extensive range of downloadable guides available to help you with everything from measuring up, to how to fit different types of tower units and glass doors. View the contents of our wardrobe & furniture installation guides here.

However you choose to design your own wardrobe, you can always call our team for advice on 0800 048 2370.