Sliding Door Wardrobe Designs

A sliding wardrobe is the perfect way to add personality and style to a bedroom. When choosing a wardrobe, you’ll want it to fit perfectly into your home and compliment your room. You’ll also want the design to be a unique reflection of your own style, and for it to fit in with the surrounding décor.

This FAQ tells you how you can do this by creating your own custom sliding wardrobe using our online configuration tool.


Use our configurator to get your perfect sliding wardrobe design:

Pick your dimensions

For your sliding wardrobe design to be accurate, it will need to be an exact fit. Although it may sound obvious, measuring up correctly is key. That said, the first stage in the wardrobe configuration progress is to enter your measurements.

We also have a preparing and measuring guide for extra information on measuring.

Choose a range

Our sliding wardrobe doors are available in a selection of different price ranges. You can choose from our budgetclassic and shaker lines – there’s a style and price point to suit everyone. From this point on, you can customise your choice further using the configurator.

Doors, frames and door panels

The next step in the process is to choose your doors and frames. Our sliding wardrobe doors are available in either a choice of two, three or four doors depending on your measurements. Once you’ve chosen the amount of doors you’d like, you can pick from a choice of up to eight different frame finishes.

Finish off the main design of your sliding wardrobe doors by going for either wood or glass door panels.

Pick a liner and end panels for your sliding wardrobe design

A liner on your wardrobe doors isn’t absolutely necessary, but it can add a perfectly straight look to your doors, even if you have a slightly uneven floor. Again, you’ll have a choice of finishes for your liners and end panels.

If you’re not sure what finish to apply to your liners, you can let us choose the best matched material by selecting the ‘automatic’ option in the liners section of the configurator.

Finally, choose an interior

Once you have chosen your sliding wardrobe doors, it’s time to customise the interior. Unlike the exterior, internal storage is more of a practical decision than aesthetic one.

Whether you have a need for more hanging space, drawers or a combination of the two, there are plenty of options available.

Our wardrobe interior range is made up of our ‘Classic’ and ‘Aura’ collections. Our Classic range consists of a wide range of shelving, drawers and hanger combinations, whilst our Aura range offers a different look, and comes in a flexible, easy-to-install kit. Which interior you choose will depend entirely on your needs and personal taste.

Your customised sliding wardrobe design is complete

After selecting an interior, you’ll have completed customising your wardrobe. At this stage, the configurator will give you an overview of your sliding wardrobe design, including all the individual selections you have chosen. This can be a final chance to add any extras or make any mends before completing your purchase.

Ready to create your own sliding wardrobe design?

Start your own custom sliding wardrobe design and find out more information on installation and fitting, including how easy it is to install our wardrobes yourself. Get in touch for more information here.