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Stanchion - Floor to Ceiling.
(2700mm can be cut down)
Stanchion - Floor to Wall.
(2100mm High to return on wall. can be cut down)
Hanger Bar 570mm can be trimmed
Hanger Bar 1175mm can be trimmed
( 1175mm )
Glass Shelf 570
(500mm deep x 570mm)
Glass Shelf - 1170mm
(500mm deep 1175mm wide)
Wide Drawer unit White 1170mm
(1170 wide x 470 deep x 365mm high )
Drawer Unit White silver handles - 570
(470mm deep x 564mm x 364mm high)
Drawer Unit Black silver handles - 570
(470mm deep x 564mm x 364mm high)
Wide Drawer unit Black 1170mm
(1170mm wide x 460mm deep x 365mm high )
MFC White Shelf 570mm wide can be trimmed.
(450mm deep 570mm)
MFC Black Shelf 570mm wide can be trimmed.
(450mm deep 570mm)
Shoe Shelf - White 570mm wide can be trimmed
(570mm x 350mm)
Shoe Shelf - White 1175mm wide can be trimmed
(1175mm x 350mm)
Shoe Shelf - Black 570mm wide can be trimmed
(570mm x 350mm)
Shoe Shelf - Black 1175mm wide can be trimmed
(1175mm x 350mm)
Note all Drawer units now have Satin Silver Handles, not the recess as shown in some pictures.

How do I start?
Measure the area into which you want the system installed, if you are going to have drawer units and or Glass shelves make a sketch showing where they will be situated. 

Calculate from the dimensions listed below how much overall room is required to fix your choice of drawers and glass shelves. Remember to allow for the drawer units to open if you are also ordering Sliding doors. As a rough guide divide the aperture width by the number of doors if the result is less than 620mm you may have problems opening the drawer. Then calculate the width of the remaining area and decide which shelves and hanger bars are most economical to use and cut down in size if necessary, to create a perfect fit into your chosen area. Note the dimensions below are centre to centre of the stanchions, so you do not have to allow for the thickness of each stanchion (25mm). 

Then count up the total number of Stanchions required and the number of shelves, hanger bars, drawer units and create your quotation below.

The Apollo range of Storage system accessories are based around a Stanchion system. The minimum requirement is 2 Stanchions between which you fix a choice of options. All fixings to do this are included.

To increase the size of your Storage shelving system, add extra Stanchions as required. You can mix the 2 styles of Stanchion (Floor to wall or Floor to ceiling).

The Stanchions have channels in them into which you fix the bracket system supplied, to support a selection of Clothes Hanger Bars, Shelves and Drawer units.

Please note that you can not cut down a glass shelf or Drawer unit.

Hanger Bars and MFC shelves can be cut down in length to create a fitted furniture system.

If you want more information download the instructions from the top menu for a detailed view on how the system works.

If once you have read the instructions you require more information please call 0800 048 2370 and ask for technical assistance on the Storage system.